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'It was not an easy choice in any way but i made the decision that it was worth staying in this marriage.'Speaking in front of almost 100 reporters, Weiner did not deny the anonymous woman's claims that their six-month virtual relationship began in July 2012, more than a year after he resigned from office amid his first Twitter sexting scandal.

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is a file you create for web crawlers, such as Googlebot, that gives them a list of web pages to crawl on your site.Although most web crawlers can explore and discover all the files on your site, a sitemap helps the crawler and can also provide metadata, such as how often the information on the page changes (suggesting how often it should be crawled), and details about content that is difficult for a search engine to parse, such as video or image file descriptions.For an overview of process models and what is supported, see Customize your work tracking experience.If you receive error message TF400917, an invalid configuration has occurred.The receiver is fully wireless and powered by rechargeable batteries, avoiding trailing cables during machine moves which could cause inaccuracies or a break in the laser beam during measurement.To accompany XM-60, CARTO software suite guides the user through the workflow of the measurement process.

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These practices have generated a mountain of complaints.

Now regulators, public officials and lawyers are taking legal action against these controversial practices.

To manage the process configuration for a team project, use the witadmin command line tool to export and import the process configuration XML definition file.

To learn about process configuration, see Process Configuration.