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What is the difference between cloth wiring and insulated cloth wiring? Is the attached picture insulated cloth wiring or cloth wiring? I have been asked to specify on my 4-point, if it is insulated or not...Citizens will allow insulated cloth wiring but not plain cloth wiring. If it is two wires wrapped in cloth which enters the sub panel, is it just cloth wiring?There was a big push by politicians and leaders of industry to upgrade the standard of low cost housing and make homes more affordable.The twenties was part of the transition period between the 19th century style of housing and the type of homes we have today.I would call it insulated wiring, which it definitely is.

Ours is kind of kludged with the switch under the sink because it was an after-inspection add-on to the house when it was built.

He estimated 0-750 saying that the electrical wiring would be the main cost because the electrical needs to be run directly to the circuit breaker. I don't see why you shouldn't be able to wire it up yourself.

Something else to think about - is your house on a septic tank or a sewer system?

Here are some of my concerns: The house is 1000 square feet and has 3 bedrooms.

The three bedrooms are upstairs and they're all very small: 6x11, 7x9, 9x9.