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Burgos was born on April 17, 1980, to Puerto Rican descent parents in the Bronx, New York City, New York, United States. reportedly decided he was done hiding his relationship with alleged side chick Bernice Burgos. received divorce papers from Tiny, on April 24.” However, the rapper has entirely moved on.

I am dating a french man

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this doesn't apply to all french, but, french ppl have a different way of life. like if we go visit them we kinda have to call them and ask a week b4, and when we visit them, its like they literally try to tell u 30 min later, ok the visit is over, u can leave now... but i dont blame them, mayb its bcz this is how they live there...

i live in lebanon, for example here, guys are very generous and they show it to u... and mayb its because lebanese are very welcoming that they look bad infront of us.

He is known worldwide through his film performances in I know, This is actually a weird choice for many.

I am not blind and I don't think of Gerard Depardieu as a beauty icon, I know that he is by no means a handsome hero but if you have ever seen him playing (in French original version) you will understand why there was not a better choice for the character and why so many women are mad about him.

He introduced himself, asked about my trip, and he responded like a normal human being when I asked about his holiday.

He ended by saying, “I would really like to know you if you do not mind.

We were sipping a glass of wine by the pool this afternoon among girlfriends talking about men -what else could we talk about?

After all, we are in France- when it finally hit me why are French men so irresistible.

i am dating a french man-56

2) What was up with the slaughtering of the [email protected] Tousled hair- if ever there was a man’s equivalent of “I woke up like this” it would be a Frenchman. As soon as we boarded the boat, the Frenchmen found an onboard restaurant so they could plan an evening meal… French boys tend to be chic in a nonchalant sort of way and seem to be allergic to frumpy clothes. My point is- he saw me doing a court case as synonymous with confidence. @ General air of mystery- the more he kept asking the more I refused to open my cupboard to let the skeletons fall out. If you are a Brit, he’ll talk for hours about “perfidious Albion”. You know, all that stuff about leaving an appropriate time before a date and a follow up call that we in Britain tend to follow religiously. As far as I know that’s a common experience when you start dating a Frenchman. On Saturday he said “Now that we are in a serious relationship…”.I think most women would agree with me that French men have a "" that makes them irresistible.