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Roseann Higgins is a spy, just not the kind you're probably thinking of.Higgins owns SPIES, a high-end matchmaking company.The first, second, and third are always great pictures.The fourth is usually a questionable one, and the fifth one, I find, is the one that you shouldn’t have added, and it’s the last picture people will see before they decide if they’re going to swipe left or right., where they embark on all kinds of crazy adventures after being cruelly dumped.But while it’s totally fine to do things like find a new hobby, travel, or just binge on ice cream as you sob over a sappy K-drama, there are other reactions that you should totally stay away from.“When someone is broken up with, they want to know why (they were dumped), but one of the worst things to do is to keep chasing that ex-partner for a reason,” says Violet Lim, the CEO, co-founder and “chief cupid” of local dating company Lunch Actually.

I always say take four bespoke pictures with your phone - obviously you don’t have to do a photoshoot. If your face isn’t in the picture, it doesn’t get published. How do you know that chest is the person you’re going to meet?We turned to dating expert Rhonda Richard-Smith to get her opinion on the finale.Match: Rhonda, what tipped you off to Bryan and Rachel’s attraction?" She recently posted a photo to her 8,000 followers, hanging out with Love island's Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen.She is also pals with Chloe Goodman, and often hangs out with Joey Essex while filming."I like nice things and I’m not ashamed of that and I like going to nice dinners and I like romance.